period of testing

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All selected product will undergo a period of testing.
A period of testing will then take place before the scheme becomes operational.
After a long period of testing and quality controls, the company now works on major gas-power generation projects, and has launched its entire HG family onto the market, respecting all the requirements established by international regulations in the area of emissions," Himoinsa added.
This is a period of testing the strength of our business and our economy.
Delta expects to receive approval from the FAA to use the tablets during all phases of flight next year, a process that follows an extensive period of testing on board Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft.
The new gantry crane will be moved into position during the course of today and following a period of testing and training it is due to start loading and unloading container ships on the Tyne later this month.
He will have good period of testing and practice before he starts next season.
He said that had to be weighed against the benefits to both the prisoner and the public of a longer period of testing on parole.
The security patch will be released after a period of testing.
Before R2 begins regular work alongside the astronauts, it will go through a period of testing and further development.
The new system underwent a rigorous period of testing over a period of several months before commencing full operations.
That means the period of testing is over and the period of the physical start-up has begun, but this period takes about two and a half months," he said, adding that the first fissile reaction would take place in early October.