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In June, CMS revised F-Tags #248, activities, and #249, activities director, to require nursing homes to use a resident-centered focus for the assessment, development, execution, and periodic reassessment of the types of activities residents find enjoyable and fulfilling.
As part of GAO's periodic reassessment of high-risk areas across the federal government, GAO will be assessing DOD's progress in resolving supply chain management and its other high-risk areas.
It says that "to the extent practicable, the recommendations of the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee in the report on workforce planning, dated March 2004 (should be) carried out, including periodic reassessment of program needs.
Periodic reassessment can inform decisions about ongoing services.
Additionally, such an approach typically requires periodic reassessment and rebalancing of the storage resources--often accompanied by system down time.
Periodic reassessment of driving is warranted in those patients in whom there is a concern of progressive functional decline in domains affecting driving ability.