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Its founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga was given the gift of the "Master Blueprint HWHY [5']-YHWH [3']: YHWH [3']-HWHY [5']" which is the foundation of all their discoveries such as Physics Super Standard Model of 40 Elementary Particles, Physics Particles Periodic Table, 2 Chemistry Periodic Tables, 2 Cosmology Periodic Tables, Biology-Genetic Periodic Table or DNA Alphabet and many more discoveries.
The periodic table of proteins shows there is a very close relationship between the possible structures of heteromers and homomers.
Chemistry boffins at the University of Kentucky have created The Periodic Table of Comic Books - a website mapping every mention of an element in a comic story.
The periodic table is a systematic way to organize Earth's elements, substances that each consist of only one kind of atom.
Mere mention of the Periodic Table may cause science-challenged readers to turn a deaf ear, but Kean makes the abbreviated symbols come to life with witty and interesting stories about the role the elements play in our lives.
The naming of these elements has been agreed in consultation with physicists around the world and we're delighted to see them now being introduced to the periodic table," the Telegraph quoted Dr Robert Kirby-Harris as saying.
Today, the periodic table is still expanding as scientists create new elements synthetically.
The Periodic Table of chemistry is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number, as based on the Periodic Law which states that certain properties of elements repeat periodically when arranged by periodic number.
In the periodic table, elements are arranged into rows and columns based on their structure and properties.
Through the initiative, Dr Licence and his colleagues at the University of Nottingham have created videos showing an exciting, explosive experiment for each element in the periodic table and have posted them all on the video website YouTube.
From The Periodic Table To Production: The Life Of Thomas Midgley, Jr.

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