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Clinical and radiographic parameters at the 18-month follow-up showed that the improvement in periodontal condition, attained immediately after active periodontal therapy, was maintained.
Microbial identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing, an aid for patients refractory to periodontal therapy.
PRP in combination with bone allograft and guided tissue regeneration as periodontal therapy for intrabony defects in humans resulted in significant gain in clinical attachment and filling of the treated defects, as revealed by 2-year follow-up.
To investigate the issue, we conducted a meta-analysis of the effect of periodontal therapy on glycaemiccontrol in diabetic patients.
The clinical and microbiological effects of nonsurgical periodontal therapy in smokers and nonsmokers.
Background: The authors aimed to evaluate whether local periodontal therapy may influence plasma lipid levels in patients with periodontitis.
for Periowave(TM) to become an integral part of periodontal therapy.
After successful periodontal therapy moderate tooth movements may be possible in order to solve these difficulties [Lux et al.
Controlled release delivery of antimicrobials directly into periodontal pocket has received great interest and appears to hold some promise in periodontal therapy.
With the increase in the prevalence of diabetes, and great concern for our ever-increasing medical costs, this study suggests that periodontal therapy may help reduce the disease burden, as well as medical costs of treatment for patients with diabetes," said Dr.
Ariz is an Assistant Professor to Advanced Periodontics at USC's School of Dentistry and is considered an expert in cosmetic periodontal therapy, oral implantology, and full mouth reconstruction.

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