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The Belgian artist first encountered the city that inspired his peripatetic approach to art in 1987.
Black-and-white (more properly, color stock printed in black-and-white) reappropriates lost time, in such profusion that while the mind follows the peripatetic movements of the busily plotted melodrama, another movie, only tangentially related, is being watched: a more or less abstract movie about sofas and girdles, carpeting and socks, the shadowy booths of cocktail lounges, and the afternoon light in downtown Santa Rosa.
Pucci followed the familiar path of Italian heretics, leaving Italy in 1571 to study in Paris and becoming an involuntary peripatetic as his thoughts led him to impolitic conclusions, and his ego led him to public disputations and published works.
The Palm Pilots of peripatetic curators, critics, collectors, and artists are already overloaded with dates of departure to Venice, Havana, and Kwangju.
The instability of the religious scene in the mid-sixteenth century meant that the life of a reformer was apt to be a peripatetic one.
But for this show in the capital of the classical tradition (think Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven), the peripatetic Scottish artist will produce a new work, Inverted Retrograde Theme, based on Second Viennese School founder Arnold Schonberg's system of twelve-tone composition.