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Repeatability of peripheral pulse measurements on ears, fingers and toes using photoelectric plethysmography.
Figure 10-4: Total Peripheral Pulse Oximeter Market, Japan, 2007 .
Figure 10-5: Total Peripheral Pulse Oximeter Market, Japan, 2007 .
Figure 10-22: Drivers and Limiters, Peripheral Pulse Oximeter Market, Japan,
Figure 11-3: Peripheral Pulse Oximeter ASP by Segment, Europe, 2007 - 2017
Figure 11-4: Total Peripheral Pulse Oximeter Market by Segment, Europe,
113211 Alternate Care Peripheral Pulse Oximetry Disposable Sensor
113221 Alternate Peripheral Pulse Oximetry Bedside Monitor Market 366
She gets Joe to rest for 20 minutes on the examination bed in her clinic room and at the end performs a lower Limb examination which includes palpation for peripheral pulses, capillary refill test, observation of tropic changes and pre/post exercise ankle brachial pressure indices (ABPIs).
Visual inspection of the foot and palpation of peripheral pulses are important.
She tolerated the procedure well and peripheral pulses returned to normal.
The patient's peripheral pulses were irregular in rhythm and rate.

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