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Paper presented at the Europe at the Margins: EU Regional Policy, Peripherality and Rurality.
The issue becomes one of peripherality (a chosen site) versus marginality (a site imposed from without), a situation in which learners must assess the consequences of the social costs in aiming for more complete integration.
The runway extension is central to delivering wider benefits to the economy: to counteract peripherality within Europe, to attract inward investment, and to encourage and assist local companies to be more outward-looking.
An additional relevant mechanism influencing CRC allocation and elite identification is the relative peripherality of Canadian scholarship.
Their economic and social peripherality, which had not previously included a strong geographical component, was now expressed in the space of the city.
Each of the perspectives described within a general Islamic paradigm can act as a singular step or each can act in conjunction with the others as the necessity dictates within a contingent situation attendant to its peripherality or centrality.
This system drives a horse and cart through all the old arguments of peripherality of the regions.
We need to develop better public transport links to overcome the peripherality of the area to the rest of the Tees Valley.
More problematic is his conflation of peripherality and racial inferiority.
Once operational,it is hoped that overall demand will increase, thus reducing the barriers to economic growth and the negative effects of peripherality as well as promoting learning and improving quality of life.
Teaiwa's chapter on Rabi Island is similarly intriguing, but in a more qualitative fashion: she raises questions of peripherality and political identity and concludes that 'being a minority does not necessarily mean we [Rabi Banabans] have to be peripheral' (p.