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In rat myocardium of WKY control group and WKY +30 mg/kg OMT group, little amount of collagen was found in the interstitial and perivascular space.
But when there is leakage it goes through the blood vessel walls into the perivascular space and pools there.
Delivering drugs through the blood vessel wall into the perivascular space and adventitia allows for direct, highly controllable and concentrated treatment, not only minimizing the toxicity of systemic administration but also avoiding the "washing away" of drug into the bloodstream.
Ablative Solutions has developed endovascular catheters that are designed to address life-threatening diseases by providing a durable and cost-effective means for the targeted delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents to the perivascular space of blood vessels.
After CAL, there was a large accumulation of collagen in the interstitial and perivascular space of ventricle in model rats.
Infection spreads along three primary routes: via the retrovisceral space (71% of all cases), the perivascular space (20%), and the pretracheal space (7%).
For example, it has recently been shown that overactive sympathetic nerves residing in the perivascular space are associated with hypertension, metabolic syndrome, congestive heart failure and obesity.
In a porcine model of coronary artery balloon angioplasty, Okamoto et al (23) showed that the inflammatory response not only involved the entire perivascular space but also extended several millimeters beyond the vessel wall itself.

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