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The case was ongoing and Lord Archer expected Ted Francis to perjure himself for him," Mr Hall told Sky News.
Galvano answered: "No, I don't believe the majority of people would perjure themselves.
Harkins if he did not follow through on his promise to perjure himself in an effort to derail the drug case against him.
Archak Zakarian recruited and agreed to pay people to perjure themselves so the brothers could fabricate an alibi for Garen Zakarian in the 1994 robbery and murder of a Glendale airline ticket agent, prosecutors said.
To perjure oneself is to lie, and lying is, minimally, affirming that which one knows not to be the case and thereby representing oneself as believing that which was affirmed.
We are obviously concerned when a key state official suggests representatives of the LADWP would perjure themselves under oath when giving information to a State Senate committee," Wiggs said.
For how seriously she takes her position, I don't believe she would ever perjure herself.
The Rampart verdict, long overdue, is not about gangs, it tears at the very fabric of our justice system and affects the entire citizenry when dirty cops ignore probable cause, perjure themselves, embellish and falsify reports - including the staging of bogus injuries.
License to Arrest, Perjure and Destroy - 'nuff said.