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Galvano answered: "No, I don't believe the majority of people would perjure themselves.
The case was ongoing and Lord Archer expected Ted Francis to perjure himself for him," Mr Hall told Sky News.
The Court held that the lawyer's threat to withdraw from representation and make disclosure to the court if the client persisted in his intention to perjure himself did not deprive the criminal defendant of effective assistance of counsel.
Harkins if he did not follow through on his promise to perjure himself in an effort to derail the drug case against him.
He not only hung them out to dry, but called them scabs for no better reason than that they refused to perjure themselves as easily as he did.
In the last of the series, Marilyn (Caroline Langrishe, above) bribes Zoe to lie on the stand - but before she can perjure herself the staff are called to the hospital to help victims from the quarry.
Hauser promised the Department of Justice that he would place a "yoke of silence" around Jesse Trentadue's neck by testifying that the family lawyer had paid inmates to perjure themselves.
Some pundits had expected him to keep a relative distance for fear of the sex allegations and charges that Mr Clinton sought to persuade Monica Lewinsky to perjure herself and that these might rebound on the Prime Minister himself.
For she seems prepared to perjure herself at the murder trial of Janine and Alice so that her cousin Stacey can stay in Walford.