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The permanence of displayed prints created with new UltraChrome HDX and HD inks far exceeds that of the very best silver-halide color (chromogenic) papers -- including silver-halide color papers that are face-mounted to UV-filtering acrylic sheet.
The action research team selected the following three assessment tools to determine Jamie's present level of performance on object permanence tasks: the Hawaii Early Profile (Parks, 2004); Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children, Second Edition, Volume 2, Test Birth to Three Years and Three to Six Years (Bricker et al.
Otherwise, the sheriff confirmed his earlier findings, made a permanence order and repeated the original provision for indirect contact.
Joyful without being naive, Sigler seems to direct us to enjoy the "dressed up" moments of our lives while denying their permanence.
Through the integration of child welfare data, policy analysis, and evidence-informed youth permanency practice, the essays in this volume show how to achieve and sustain family permanence for older children and youth in foster care.
To make the same promise of permanence a second time to a second spouse while the first spouse is still alive gives it a hilarious ring.
On the other hand, concerns have been raised about the use of kinship placement because of the lower rates of legal permanence found for children in kinship foster care compared with those in nonkinship foster care.
In "The Permanence Of Waves", author and exhibiting artist C.
Chapters expound at length upon the material, form, meaning, style, permanence, composites, context, and conception of music, and the interplay between music's creation, message and perceived meaning, and an intuitive comprehension.
org), whose mission is "to support foster parents in achieving safety, permanence, and well-being for the children and youth in their care.
There is a lot of condo development which signals permanence to a burgeoning residential population and the transformation of Jersey City into an area with a certain cache.
A Time magazine report had painted a worrying portrait of a rising Jewish settlement presence that hinted at permanence, and the Americans had decided to investigate.