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Our goal is permanency for the child, and this project focuses on achieving that goal in a timely manner," said Walter Honaman, supervising attorney for the Children's Advocacy Unit at LAS.
The author notes that children's perceptions are crucial to understanding the impact of the services provided, that the concept of permanency and adoption may mean different things to children depending on personal and situational characteristics, and that practitioners need to be aware of these differences.
However, she said, job permanency creates such a degree of security for employees that it "sometimes produces a negative result", so it should be coupled with appropriate systems for staff assessment and the flexibility to reward the best performers.
A form was developed with the aim of assessing the materials developed by the students, which was a part of the pretest, posttest, and permanency tests.
Indeed, people need to feel rooted, and if they are not rooted in a history, which does not change, they will search for permanency elsewhere.
However, if the initial plan does not achieve the standards of safety and permanency, or non-compliance occurs, then Braithwaite suggests an additional restorative dialogue or conference occur and not an immediate ascent up the regulatory pyramid.
NBWA members are ready to work with Senate and House leaders to bring death tax repeal permanency legislation before President Bush for his signature.
Sensing that framing the issue as a nursing shortage directed solutions that revolved around nursing agency staff recruitment and retention strategies, the authors view the problem as a permanency issue, giving primacy to the relationships in a child's life, and advocate that putting permanency philosophy into practice can successfully enable some children with the most severe disabilities to live at home.
Factors such as the degree of control, investment in facilities, opportunity for profit or loss and permanency of the relationship between the taxpayer and the payroll workers, bakery workers and outside sales workers indicated an employer-employee relationship with common-law employees.
The new law requires user consent, permanency, privacy, audit trails and digital authentication when using digital signatures to create online contracts - a process DocuTouch has had in place since last year.