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9, the United States and Devany filed a proposed stipulated order for permanent injunction and civil penalty judgment, by which they agreed to resolve the litigation as between those two parties.
There is also some evidence that the current status quo (both preliminary and permanent injunctions being more difficult to obtain) might change.
Additionally, the company said that the permanent injunction was in the trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement and tortious interference action and this now prohibits M3 from using, marketing, selling, distributing, licensing, modifying, servicing, copying, or offering for sale or license a number of products, besides ordering it to pay Aspen USD11.
Two Oxnard car dealerships must pay a total of $70,000 in civil penalties under a judgment and permanent injunction issued Monday by Ventura Superior Court Judge Roland Purnell.
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the prisoner and issued a permanent injunction against the defendants.
agreed to a final judgment and permanent injunction issued by Ventura Superior Court Judge William Peck on Monday.

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