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Contempt rulings for violations of permanent injunctions entered in patent infringement cases are rare.
that Defendants Lonny Bowers, Andrew Chiang, and Jun Yang provide a copy of the Permanent Injunction to (a) any prospective or new employer, (b) any existing or potential licensee of any audio DSP product generated by them, their company, or their employer, and (c) any potential purchaser of WideBand or its assets.
3 million in damages, and the lower court subsequently issued a permanent injunction prohibiting Andrew's further infringement.
Lane lifted the bond requirement when she vacated the court order rather than proceed with the trial on the permanent injunction.
The court also issued a permanent injunction prohibiting any further sales of the Aspen/ConMed product.
In finding that a permanent injunction against Roche is justified, the District Court stated: "Failure to enter a permanent injunctionOwould risk undermining the incentives for innovation that have produced, and hopefully will continue to produce, medical advances that extend and enhance the value of life.
In a complaint filed with the consent decree of permanent injunction, the government maintained that the company illegally promoted Dipentum as being indicated for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe active ulcerative colitis; for use in children; as superior to sulfasalazine, and as a "first choice" therapy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.
We are pleased with the terms of the settlement agreement and with the Court's Permanent Injunction," said Ric Harnsberger, MD, Chairman and CEO of Amirsys.
The Federal District Court for the Southern District of Texas at Houston yesterday issued a permanent injunction preventing Lubrizol Corporation (NYSE: LZ) from continued manufacture and sale of motor oil products infringing a U.
1 million in damages and a permanent injunction against further infringement by GlobalSantaFe.
Prison officials moved, under the provisions of the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), to terminate a nearly 14-year-old permanent injunction that required a prison law clinic to remain open.
19 trial has been set to decide whether to impose a permanent injunction.

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