permanent resident

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Clark said at least seven out of every 10 cases involving immigrants who recently became permanent residents or naturalized citizens or have families with mixed citizenship status have encountered snags verifying their identities and citizenship status.
That is usually met with suspicion by the examining officer--IRPA Section 61(2) states that a Canadian business does not include a business that serves primarily to allow a permanent resident to comply with his or her resident obligation while outside of Canada.
involving a forty-two-year-old lawful permanent resident from Vietnam
Permanent residents must reside in Canada for three years out of four years prior to applying for Canadian citizenship.
Nevertheless, I conclude that Fletcher and Pryal, as lawful permanent resident aliens, have demonstrated that they are protected by the Second Amendment right to bear arms.
Only applicants who can demonstrate they are in a genuine, bona fide relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident will be approved for a permanent resident visa.
law, a child under the age of 21 cannot sponsor a parent for permanent resident status.
The issue of whether to provide local suffrage to foreign permanent residents has already been settled.
Application to replace a permanent resident card (I-90)
The Times of India newspaper reported that "sexual preference" had helped the woman secure the permanent resident visa to Canada.
Very few people obtain permanent resident status in Switzerland
Despite beliefs to the contrary," writes Mark Schreiber in a "Zeitgeist" column in the Japan Times, "you don't need permanent resident status to buy, or even obtain a loan-although it helps.

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