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2006) performed some experiments to evaluate the permeability and compression characteristics of landfill's MSW samples.
But these correlations can not be used for fine grained soils and a general relationship between permeability and grain size of soils applicable to wide range of soils from coarse grained to fine grained is not available.
The permeability of paint films toward chloride salts was obtained using the time-lag method.
According to Eluozo (2006) from the previous studies of permeability coefficient, it fell in the range of only sand, which is average mean of 4 x [10.
Thirdly, by setting surrounding and axial pressures to measure the pore pressures, the permeability coefficient can be obtained.
Permeability of coatings to solvents can be good (helps topcoats bite into primers) or bad (may lead to lifting or blistering).
The basic criteria in the selection of these materials are: the permeability at gas and water vapors, the sealing capacity, the thermo formation capacity, the clarity and anti fog properties.
If our parameter wells continue to show good-to-excellent permeability in combination with high gas content, that will go a long way toward defining the value proposition for our company," said Garry Ward, Senior Vice President of Engineering.
From Figure3, we can obviously see that, in the condition of permeability ratio of 8 and 5, large difference between high and low permeability layers during the water flooding exists, that is to say, sweep efficiency in low permeability layer is very poor because of serious heterogeneity.
Permeability is the product of two factors: diffusivity and solubility.
Although approximately 70 percent of those surveyed said permeability to corrosive substances is the most critical factor for chemically resistant linings, more than 64 percent said permeability is the most commonly overlooked aspect of corrosion-resistant lining selection.
When modelling the distribution of moisture within soil profiles and across catchment landscapes, it is important to have a comprehensive knowledge of the permeability characteristics of the soil medium.