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Both circumscribed lytic lesions and permeative lesions have been reported in the spine with involvement of the vertebral bodies, pedicles, and laminae.
Based on the initial radiographic evaluation, the case was interpreted as a malignant-appearing, permeative mixed sclerotic and lytic lesion in the left proximal tibia.
This lesion has a permeative appearance with an indistinct ZOT and may or may not have an associated soft tissue component (Figure 15).
6 In small bones, giant cell tumors tend to show a permeative growth pattern.
Within the marrow, the lesion is poorly marginated, with a permeative pattern of osteolysis (without a beginning and an end) (Figure 1).
Lower extremity radiography (Figure 1) was performed, revealing a permeative osseous lesion involving the proximal right fibula that showed an aggressive periosteal reaction.