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This Article opens by defining the various types of regulatory permits and describing the scope of permitting in the regulatory state.
The permitting agencies we deal with most frequently for waterfront projects in New York City are the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.
When it comes to permitting regulations for stationary crushing plants, each state is different, according to Leonard Cherry of Cherry Demolition in Houston.
Maximum emission levels are estimated in order to establish the applicability of various regulatory and permitting programs and to predict compliance with various emission standards.
EIDC, formed in 1995 from merging the city and county film offices, will take the first step toward on-line permitting by launching its World Wide Web site - www.
One way to avoid the permitting delays associated with a case-by-case MACT determination is to accept limits in your permit restricting actual emissions to less than the 10 tons/year single HAP or 25 tons/year total HAP thresholds.