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In this case, the encryption process may not need to be arbitrarily reversible, but instead is used to permute the data, then the key is thrown away.
1981) showed how the barycenter heuristic can be used as a subalgorithm of a larger algorithm to permute the vertices in the hierarchical layers so that the number of crossings is minimized.
The permute program involves producer/consumer communication over a pipe.
Suppose we would like to prove that permute terminates whenever it is called with a nil-terminated list of any terms as its first argument and a free variable on the second position.
To permute 128 bits, the operation does need total 7 stages as 2A7 = 128 bits.
col] are used to calculate two pseudorandom vectors to permute the diffused image.
Scan pattern is a formal language-based two dimensional spatial-accessing methodology to generate a wide range of scanning paths to permute the pixels of an image.
Since all the blocks of the saddle-point matrix are MSSS matrices, we can permute the saddle-point matrix into a single MSSS matrix.
Louis Permute, senior associate, arranged the financing.
The main idea of our proposed method is to pair pixels and permute the second pixel's three primary color values.
Because alleles can be considered as independent when samples conform to HWE, it is valid to permute alleles among samples to test for population differentiation.
We should be able to permute the left side of p and the right side of q independently of the "inner" sides, and this is what the more general typing allows us to do.