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5 explains how to permute a matrix with SSS blocks into a single SSS matrix.
5 to permute it into a single SSS matrix by using a permutation matrix [PSI].
DES permutes and shifts the data and combines it with the key not once but 16 times.
i] rerandomizes and permutes the ciphertext sequence she receives and sends it to [P.
This method takes the same bits of all the pixels in the plain image as a group and permutes them by a cat map.
The 3D logistic map [12] permutes the pixels of the plain image twice (horizontally and vertically), and the 3D bit-level permutation permutes the plain image in bit level.
Otherwise, SCPRE permutes the blocks and builds a block upper-triangular preconditioner.
In this setting we will describe in Section 2 a notion of probability on L(G), starting from groups in which the subgroups in sn(G) permute with those in M(G).
1), that permutes B into a block diagonally-dominant matrix of the form (4.
Then G also permutes the elements of the Boolean algebra 2[n of all subsets of [n], and permutes the subsets ([n]) of a given cardinality i.
i] are fabricated by permute the coefficients of polynomials [k.
A simple calculation shows that if we permute i-th and k-th rows of [A.