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Courts pose the alternative of the creditor perniciously taking day-to-day control of the firm (and thereby acquiring easy-to-breach fiduciary duties to other creditors or to the firm itself) against the alternative of the creditor simply protecting its previously negotiated contract rights (and thereby owing no duties to other creditors).
16) The practice of silencing was perniciously at work during the Duvalier regime, and as the unanswered questions about his return demonstrate, persists today.
This film was arguably the most perniciously powerful of the four major anti-Semitic propaganda movies produced under the Nazi regime, the other three being The Rothschilds (Die Rothschilds) (1940), The Eternal Jew (Der ewige Jude) (1940), and Robert and Bertram (Robert und Bertram) (1939).
Women make up less than three percent of tradespeople, and, while initiatives exist to bring women into the trades, the perniciously sexist trades culture causes most women to leave.
Put in a position to order other slaves around, Django perniciously rises to the role of tyrant, only to have his ego kept in check by Christoph Waltz's King Schultz, perhaps the only white man who has ever showed him kindness.
In contrast to beneficent limits imposed on the right to contract by one's incapacity are those regulations that purport to restrict the right to contract perniciously, generally based on membership in a demarcated class.
They also don't tend to perniciously stockpile for the inevitable apocalypse; that's Virgo territory.
Abstraction's legacy of flat surfaces, here implied by Schjeldahl as having been buffed to a perniciously "frictionless" sheen by the late twentieth century, is being read as a legacy of flattened, annihilated surfaces by contemporary critics.
More perniciously, some cartoons and advertisements even used Black bodies to promote overt contempt for or even violence against African Americans.
He also, though, gives us a narrator who, having engaged in this violence, works desperately to cast off his temporary "madness" as something outside of and perniciously influencing his actual "self.
Second, I know that the opposition parties perniciously try to make Canadians believe that the P.
More perniciously, African dictators discovered that they could also use state controls not only to enrich themselves but also to punish their political rivals as well as dispense patronage to buy political support and reward their allies.