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The peroration was mag- nificent, though difficult to remember, you know.
And as often (and it was very often) as an orator of this kind brought into his peroration,
If, said Mr Wegg by way of peroration, he had erred in saying only 'Halves
Here the orchestral journey climaxed in a nicely judged coda with a Sibelius-like peroration, all calculated to generate applause.
But the piece itself, coming in at 75 minutes, is too much of a gesture of defiant fist-brandishing, and can we really wait comfortably during those endless paragraphs of introspective note-spinning before the hard-won peroration is finally achieved?
There was a seamless cogency and momentum to this reading, and a delicacy of dynamics which led to a triumphant peroration with a fabulous keyboard release at the end -- not every pianist can persuade his instrument to that.
Rhetorically and substantively, the most ill-judged part of his letter comes in the peroration when he advocates adopting a "modified version" of the radical slogan "turn on, tune in, drop out.
Walther himself, the descendant of one of Germany's greatest medieval poets, Walther von der Vogelweide, initially rejects the prize of admission to the Guild of the Mastersingers, but Hans Sachs' great peroration of faithfulness to German culture persuades him to accede - and with the hand of Eva at his side.
Sheridan spoke four-and-a-half hours the first day, then, after a hiatus of several days, finished his address with a peroration on true justice that left his audience in ecstasies.
And in a magisterial peroration, he said: "There is no level above which politicians stop whispering untruths into the ears of newspapermen.
The finale was splendid, Eschenbach building and maintaining the tension as the music unfolded in a peroration for the orchestra's outstanding horn section.
David Hart Orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Symphony Hall There was much to admire in this Italian orchestra's performance of Mahler's First Symphony, especially the final blazing peroration.