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BEIRUT: The theft of electric cables continued in several parts of the country, despite the arrest last week of a gang allegedly involved in perpetrating similar offenses.
Approximately 16 percent of men reported perpetrating physical or sexual IPV in the last year.
The Sudanese government has been accused of perpetrating gross human rights abuses against its people throughout the period of war.
26 billion judgment in favor of Motorola against the Uzan family of Turkey for perpetrating a massive fraud against Motorola.
It confuses an already confusing situation--between equal access, which the courts have already determined the Scouts should have, and school sponsorship of the Scouts, which makes schools complicit in perpetrating the Scouts' discrimination.
Jews were depicted as demonic and bloodthirsty--an irony given the violence Christians were perpetrating against them.
And there were certainly some readers who liked to imagine perpetrating a crime.
They will generally try to avoid attracting the attention of the local law enforcement agency where they have established their base, and thus, may travel an hour or more before perpetrating their scams.
We look forward now to legislation passing that will increase the punishment on those individuals perpetrating these crimes.