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Sexual victimization and perpetration over the two weeks preceding T2 and T3 assessments was measured using one question each.
The researchers also found that IPV victimization, perpetration, and mutual violence all correspond with increases in symptoms of depression.
The authors highlight the perceptions of undergraduate students, as they pertain to perpetration and victimization, and as they relate to bystander witnessing.
estimated adolescent sexual violence perpetration and reported details of the experience after analyzing data for 1,058 young people between the ages of 14 and 21 years in the Growing Up with Media study.
Yet as awareness of sexual abuse and those who abuse has grown, there has been little focus on--and even less funding for--how to prevent the perpetration of sexual violence.
They say President Obama is afraid that events in Egypt will compel him to recognize the perpetration of a coup--forcing him to terminate the aid to Egypt on which Israeli-Egyptian peace is thought to depend.
We call on all responsible actors in Syria to speak out against the perpetration of unlawful killings against any group, regardless of faith or ethnicity.
Here, we report associations between self-reported bullying perpetration and hazardous driving in a large, representative sample of students in Canadian schools.
The socialist leader further criticized the government for failing to provide a thorough analysis of the faults in Bulgaria's national security that led to the perpetration of the attack.
Particular essays explore genocide from a social science perspective; look at actus reas, mens reas, forms of perpetration, and incitement to genocide; and the need for genocide law.
In fact, the US has been decidedly parsimonious in praising the steps Bahrain has taken in terms of democratic advancement, while at the same time doing little to condemn continuing mindless violence on the streets and those who have a hand in its perpetration.
One of the most widely tested models of sexual aggression perpetration is the confluence model (Malamuth, Sockloskie, Koss, & Tanaka, 1991).