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Cultivating smart young talent can help to ensure your agency's perpetuation, but that's far from an all-purpose solution.
Often, perpetuation is thought of as a succession plan--an owner decides to sell to monetize a lifelong investment in the agency," says Dave Tralka, president and CEO of InsurBanc, a division of Connecticut Community Bank, N.
Up-and-coming producers are typically the go-to players for internal perpetuation when agency owners retire.
Embrace with gusto the notion perpetuation is a process and not an event.
Just as a reality may consist of various kinds of relations, so may the ways of perpetuation be various.
All the participants on both panels recognized that perpetuation is a huge problem across the insurance industry.
Further, an ownership transfer through a perpetuation takes place when the timing is right for all involved rather than relying on the vagaries of the market or "which company is looking to buy right now.
Dan Grayber isolates machinery from its usual role of fulfilling human needs through placing it in an eternal mode of self perpetuation.
military senior official pointed out, in this regard, that the perpetuation of the Sahara conflict is a concern for all countries in the region, urging for a continuation of dialogue and negotiations between the parties to this dispute, including Morocco and Algeria, to reach a solution and face up the common challenges.
the First Amendment at home and free speech around the world") and Joe Executive Director, Society of Professional Journalists ("to the perpetuation of the free press as the of our nation and liberty,") remain silent on the issue.
According to the website, the Hall of Fame's mission is to "recognize the contributions of those who have had a significant impact on the evolution, development and perpetuation of rock and roll," the New York Post reported.
This announcement along with the OGAM decisions announced today are all part of key strategic steps designed to ensure the perpetuation of BFH previous successes and help ensure its corporate growth; these steps have been unanimously agreed by the founders and shareholders.