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By Justin Ambago Ramba March 18, 2012 -- One can only thank God that the perpetuators of the unfortunate Komiru Massacre northwest suburb of Juba Town] has been identified as members of the regular SPLA [the national army of the Republic Of South Sudan].
ISLAMABAD, December 15, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Wednesday condemned the killing of Mohammad Khan Sasoli, President of Khuzdar Press Club in Baluchistan on Tuesday night by unknown assailants and demanded of the government to ensure arrest of perpetuators.
The issue debated at the end of committee's session, chaired by Mahmood Hayat Khan on Monday, following the issues of damaging Pakistan Railways' property during riots against electricity load shedding in Faisalabad, filing FIRs against perpetuators, participants of these riots and transportation provision for deadbodies of CDA employees, noted that the furniture supplied to Parliament lodges was of sub-standard nature, which had decayed well before expiry.
Riek Machar must act now otherwise we will take act against perpetuators and members of their communities".
The joint resolution condemned the governments failure to contain the morbidity of target killing, and also staged a strong demand to government to stem this dangerous tide, besides demanding strict action against the perpetuators.
At one hand target killing was claiming several lives on daily basis, while at other the perpetuators of target killing are boosting sectarian violence," he added.
On the occasion, he strongly appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari of Islamic republic of Pakistan to hold an impartial investigation into the matter, and take strict action against the perpetuators.
The worst affected areas were Western Equatoria State, Unity State and parts of Jonglei, where human rights activists accused state agents of being the major perpetuators of the human right violations.
We decided that instead of being problem perpetuators, we wanted to be problem solvers.
The concerned departments should start projects to save children from exploitation and take strict action under the law against the perpetuators, he added.
Talking to media at the residence of Hakeem Mahmood Khan, he said that any such endeavour against the Judiciary would force PTI to launch a heavy campaign against the perpetuators.
These crimes as nasty as they stand, the truth is that, they could have been prevented, for the perpetuators are people who could have been disciplined, brought to the book and made to behave themselves.