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The bitter sensation that time always changes its value or that on other occasions time doesn't elapse anymore, as Vladimir once perplexedly exclaims: "Le temps s'est arete" (Act I, p.
It often has a just-ln-tlme element, as when a chair Is carelessly thrown on stage by an unseen hand just as Beauty's father Is looking round perplexedly for somewhere to sit In the solicitors' office.
Gibreel Farishta notes perplexedly that "All around him .
Even in 1989, Vladislavic's debut collection of short stories, Missing Persons, met with a perplexedly intrigued reception: what was this local curiosity, a form of meta- or perhaps postmodern fiction, and was it allowed?
Milton might have hoped that his readers would contrast the pleasures of these intricate but precise mazes with the plight of the fallen angels who, wrestling perplexedly with ideas of freedom and foreknowledge, "found no end, in wand'ring mazes lost" (2.
Ludwig Wittgenstein once perplexedly asked himself.