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The perplexing process of tests and more tests that characterize a diagnosis of MS followed, and she experienced increasingly terrifying symptoms.
The story of Central Park provides a powerful anecdote to one of the more perplexing issues of our time--sustainability.
OPEC's recent decision "in principle' to cut oil production by 20 percent, and thus drive the price per barrel up to as much as twice its current low level, is as perplexing and contradictory a development as any the cartel has set in motion.
A thoughtful, serious-minded and deep philosophical on an ancient and perplexing moral quandary.
Through immunological suppression, the pollutant may contribute to the perplexing worldwide decline of amphibian species (SN: 4/15/00, p.
And so he surprised the audience with a visually opulent if perplexing production that included a rotting Beuysean hare, voodoo rituals, and imagery from Africa and Asia but avoided any direct political confrontation.
Once again, the serious and perplexing issue of "design delegation" has reared its head.
Perplexing as well is why Martin, while clearly connecting the architecture to the ideas and social developments he discusses, goes further to imply that the designs of Saarinen and SOM were functionally essential to the 'military-industrial' project.
The smoky aftermath of Act II accompanied by the human chanting and bird calls of Sheila Chandra's score is subdued and perplexing.