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And now he was gone, now he had basely fled; and to all his perplexities and dangers John stood heir.
Their meeting was hearty and joyous; for they had both experienced dangers and perplexities.
Hereupon I appointed her long lessons, and left her to solve alone any perplexities they might present.
I began to think we were fairly snared, and had almost made up my mind that without a pair of wings we should never be able to escape from the toils; when all at once I discerned a peep of daylight through the canes on my right, and, communicating the joyful tidings to Toby, we both fell to with fresh spirit, and speedily opening the passage towards it we found ourselves clear of perplexities, and in the near vicinity of the ridge.
But the tissue of perplexities, on account of this worthy individual, did not end here.
Dangerfield's warnings--yet her perplexities too--and the letter from Mr.
It seemed to offer the only way out of life's perplexities.
Archer was proud of the glances turned on her, and the simple joy of possessorship cleared away his underlying perplexities.
I may have been born to be a benefactor to you by sometimes giving you an opportunity of assisting me in my little perplexities.
All present realized that the moment for the settlement of perplexities had arrived.
Thou shalt come with us, and perchance we may find a certain one that can aid thee in thy perplexities, whatsoever they may be.
Washington completely one with me in the work directly connected with the school, relieving me of many burdens and perplexities, but aside from her work on the school grounds, she carries on a mothers' meeting in the town of Tuskegee, and a plantation work among the women, children, and men who live in a settlement connected with a large plantation about eight miles from Tuskegee.