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Here, perhaps, we should appeal to those young men who suffer from the repression of their first desires at the moment when all their forces are developing; to artists sick of their own genius smothering under the pressure of poverty; to men of talent, persecuted and without influence, often without friends at the start, who have ended by triumphing over that double anguish, equally agonizing, of soul and body.
Both might have been influenced by early impressions; for, if the son of the loyal and gallant soldier bowed in implicit obedience to the will of his sovereign, the descendant of the persecuted followers of Penn looked back with a little bitterness to the unmerited wrongs that had been heaped upon his ancestors.
Chadband with his persecuted chin folding itself into its fat smile again as he looks round, "it is right that I should be humbled, it is right that I should be tried, it is right that I should be mortified, it is right that I should be corrected.
The children of the traitors were persecuted by the children of the workers who had been betrayed, until it was impossible for the former to play on the streets or to attend the public schools.
These birds, although now still more persecuted, do not readily become wild.
This tameness of the birds, especially of the waterfowl, is strongly contrasted with the habits of the same species in Tierra del Fuego, where for ages past they have been persecuted by the wild inhabitants.
so destitute is he now of friends, and so persecuted by enemies, that we almost despair of bringing him to any good; and if our reader delights in seeing executions, I think he ought not to lose any time in taking a first row at Tyburn.
He's persecuted by the police, of course, because he's not a scoundrel.
The time to act is now," he said-"time to call on our government for concrete action to protect these vulnerable communities and to urge the people in our parishes and congregations to pray for and support their persecuted brothers and sisters.
The Vatican's spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, had to point out that the bones of Gregory were brought to Rome in the eighth century, a time in which Catholics were being persecuted in Constantinople.
Her Dutch ancestry dates back to the Huguenots, who were persecuted by the Catholics.
People persecuted for homosexuality during the Franco regime in Spain will have their records erased from police files and will likely receive reparations thanks to a December ruling by the Spanish parliament.