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Persecuting the kind 'birdman' WELL, if anything comes out clearly about 'Birdman' Adnan Mir it's that he has a good respect for nature and birds and that the idiots at Birmingham City Council have little else better to focus their petty-minded attention on than persecuting good citizens with fines and threats of prosecution.
The enemy who is going to kill me is not any Muslim but he is a powerful man of the Spanish government who is persecuting me nonstop since last several months and now he is going to kill me any time by abusing his diplomatic power.
26 for his role in persecuting members of the Shiite religious parties that now dominate the country.
A dog breeder has accused a council of persecuting her after she was served with a second noise abatement notice.
Paul had been persecuting Christians and was on his way to persecute more and Ananias was a Christian.
THE DPP is persecuting gardai who make mistakes on duty, it was claimed yesterday.
Vatican critics such as Goldhagen, Zuccotti, Carroll, Cornwell, and Phayer surrender their credibility when they peddle the absurd notion that the Pope would actually embrace a group of barbarians, who made no secret of their contempt for Christianity and who were brutally persecuting his own flock in Germany, Poland, and the rest of occupied Europe.