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TROUBLEMAKER Tricky Ricky has displayed the symptoms of persecutory delusions (which are not dissimilar to claims of martyrdom) after the findings of the Kallis investigation were announced, last month.
Six sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), focused upon reducing worry, lessened the severity of persecutory delusions.
122) The Immigration Judge found that the husband's actions were merely the arbitrary criminal acts of a husband against his wife, rather than a rational pattern of persecutory conduct.
The Nurses' Global Assessment of Suicide Risk (Cutcliffe & Barker, 2004) Predictor Variable Value Presence/influence of hopelessness 3 Recent stressful life event, for example, job 1 loss, financial worries, pending court action Evidence of persecutory voices/beliefs 1 Evidence of depression/loss of interest or loss 3 of pleasure Evidence of withdrawal 1 Warning of suicidal intent 1 Evidence of a plan to commit suicide 3 Family history of serious psychiatric problems 1 or suicide Recent bereavement or relationship breakdown 3 History of psychosis 1 Widow/widower 1 Prior suicide attempt 3 History of social-economic deprivation 1 History of alcohol and/or alcohol misuse 1 Presence of terminal illness 1 Total
The symptoms include magical thinking, ideas of reference, illusions, derealization, depersonalization, impaired functioning, poor hygiene, persecutory thoughts, and flat affect.
5) On the connection between Puritan women, spiritual doubt, and despair, see also John Stachniewski, The Persecutory Imagination: English Puritanism and the Literature of Religious Despair (Oxford: Clarendon P, 1991) 42; and Patrick Collinson, '"Not Sexual in the Ordinary Sense': Women, Men, and Religious Transactions," Elizabethans (London: Hambledon and London, 2003) 135-36.
2002), in addition to normal confirmation bias involving seeking evidence consistent with one's beliefs, patients with schizophrenia also present attentional and memory biases in favor of confirmatory evidence, particularly with respect to threatening beliefs in the context of persecutory delusions.
been recognized as a form of persecutory violence).
This double reaction and public division may be said to have come to an end only in 1837 with Carlyle's brilliant History of the Revolution, which argued eloquently that the "Ancien Regime" had indeed become an intolerable, oppressive, and exploitative system, but that in turn (and at least after 1792) the Revolution was indiscriminately violent, self-destructive, persecutory, and bloodthirsty.
The desirability of the archaic (m)Other as subject is a subjectivizing agency; her communicaring and love and her glamour in the eyes of her daughter once upon a time balance abjection and persecutory fears.
The Falun Dafa Information Center urges journalists or others covering this story to review this information and investigate claims made at this press event thoroughly to ensure this event does not use our Western free press to advance the Chinese regime's persecutory agenda.
For a discussion of the potential of the doctrine of predestination to induce suicidal despair in the faithful, see John Stachniewski, The Persecutory Imagination: English Puritanism and the Literature of Religious Despair (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1991).