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Often at this stage, it is important to record if a new task, change in routine, an auditory increase in volume of class discussion or an increase in student's anxiety might have triggered the student with ASD to perseverate or increase perseveration.
2000) predicted that the effect of the focalism manipulation would be to reduce the extent to which people would expect to perseverate on the event (e.
That is, once the ideator begins to entertain thoughts of death and suicide as a reasonable solution to their stressors, he or she can become fixated and perseverate on self-destructive behaviors.
Students may perseverate on events and worry about them without taking action to ensure such events do not re-occur (Anxiety Amplification).
As this tendency to perseverate was not as strong under dual-task conditions, the data suggest that performance was less controlled under dual-task conditions.
Those who make decisions easily are in danger of acting on too little information, while those who perseverate indefinitely are in danger of making untimely decisions.
Rigid behavior is characterized by decreased cognitive flexibility and increased tendency to perseverate.
may have been problematic for Brandon in that he had a propensity to perseverate on the days events when speaking with his mother.
They may perseverate on specific topics or activities, and often become easily frustrated with activities that require sustained attention to complex stimuli.
Stability properties also explain that organisms tend to specialize in entrenched behaviors and may perseverate in such behaviors even when the environment changes (Gall, 1978).
A tendency to give concrete answers and to perseverate was noted for both throughout the testing.
For both clients who have difficulty with long periods of time to talk, and for those who perseverate on subjects for a long period of time, it is important to set session goals each time.