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I thank several research technicians (Margaret Straub, Chuck Gedye, Debbie Schneider, and Kim Darling) for their dedication, perseverence, patience, and faith, working for years on a long-term selection experiment without tangible evidence of progress.
Her sparkle, her humor, and her perseverence were endless.
Planning, patience, and perseverence pay off in word-of-mouth advertising.
Rather, her perseverence and dedication to the job are her way of saying "thanks" for the support and encouragement she received in her formative years.
Further, such candidate attributes as leadership, integrity, and perseverence are important determinants of both fund raising and electoral success, but are difficult to quantify.
Yarnold is to be commended for her perseverence through seven months of follow-up telephone calls to these group leaders, who are often not very helpful to abortion politics scholars.
Time, patience and perseverence by the music therapist were required in addressing both staff and residents, since within the facility these were the only closed groups.
These include compatible objectives, organizational adaptability, and perseverence.
He employs one of the most dramatic examples of this, the vision quest of the Plains Indians, which is characterized by "endurance, courage, independence, perseverence, and passionate willfulness .
Validity, in the Deweyian sense, is realized only by perseverence in conflict and consequences.
During the Depression he toured the mills and factories of the South and in his writing celebrated the perseverence of the people whom he saw and Roosevelt's efforts to meet their needs.
But he also knows that with perseverence and a little bit of luck, some runted rodent may emerge with the answer to many people's most gut-wrenching problems.