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After the patient was admitted, fever persisted and respiratory distress worsened rapidly.
This effect persisted almost unchanged 24 hr after the cessation of the stimulus.
Admired by his peers, Hewlett persisted in the face of poverty, squalid touring conditions, and scathing reviews.
However, a predominant 6-cm mass in the gastrohepatic ligament region persisted, which raised the question of infection versus cancer.
Erwin has investigated what types of creatures persisted after the past mass extinctions.
Setting as her task the exploration of rumors that have persisted among African Americans -
A recovery seemed to have gotten under way in Canada, but the economies of most European countries and Japan evidenced little if any forward impetus, and the downturn that began in western Germany in the second quarter appeared to have persisted into the third quarter.
The rash persisted for 2 days, followed by desquamation.
Levels approached pretreatment values by 4 weeks posttreatment in the intensive vacuuming group, whereas steam cleaning plus vacuuming effected a decrease that persisted for up to 8 weeks.
It probably persisted in the rat populations living in the cities, say Matthew J.