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PerfectScreen program allows to resolve the issue of image persistence and to protect the monitor screen from damages.
If a significant number of firms adjust their prices based on past information, the country will face inflation persistence (Gali and Gertler (1999)) - the tendency of inflation to converge 'slowly' to its long-run level following a shock.
Almost all the adversities we witness in health care will continue in some fashion and our need for persistence endures.
Longer experience with the drug may ultimately alter its persistence rates.
Today, the only true persistence hunters are the Bushmen of Africa's Kalahari Desert.
In the study, 9% of children had resolution of fever but persistence of lip erythema, bulbar conjunctivitis, or both.
Since 1986, when Mueller proposed a first-order autoregressive model to calculate the persistence coefficients of a company's profits, a line of work aimed at determining the persistence of firm profitability has been developed.
They first provide a guide to the issues and trade-offs involved in choosing a Java persistence mechanism for relational data stores in chapters that provide a brief history of relevant persistence mechanisms, business drivers and associated information technology requirements, implementation issues associated with object-relational mapping, and a means of assessing the choice of mechanism.
The main finding of this study was that in all these seven developed economies, a high degree of profit persistence was found.
Moreover, the timing of the change in inflation persistence suggests that the change may be a byproduct of a changing monetary policy environment.
The policy implications of the decline in inflation persistence are mixed.
A five-campus longitudinal study of 1,432 first-year respondents found a positive correlation of students' "hardiness" with persistence to their expected '02 graduation, four years later.