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Using the RRM that best fit the data, identified by the comparison criteria described above, genetic parameters were obtained for nine measures of persistency in milk yield (PSO (Table 2) and milk yield up to 305 DIM, as well as the genetic and permanent environmental correlations between these persistency measures and between these measures and 305MY.
renewal persistency and bank's remuneration structure to ensure protection of policyholders' interests as well as to provide sustainable growth to this sector.
With access to our persistency analysis, they can calculate asset retention rates quickly and focus sales and marketing resources on relationships more likely to be profitable.
The practice of meeting clients each quarter serves both our interests and increases persistency.
High persistency is a reflection of the customers' trust in the Company and satisfaction with its products and services.
Among some patient segments, up to 50% of lack of persistency can be traced to message deficiencies and over-sampling.
Three-quarters of the carriers surveyed measure voluntary product persistency based on premium (as opposed to cases or policies).
However, there have been no reports of the relationship between lactation persistency and BCS changes in mid to late lactation, although Berry et al.
they have purchased and a multi-lingual resolution (call) centre have helped the Company achieve the highest 13-month persistency ratio for April-June quarter.
The prestigious Strategic Patient Adherence (SPA) Awards co-sponsored by CBI and PharmaVoice were presented at a dinner hosted by PharmaCentra as part of the 6th Annual Forum on Patient Compliance, Adherence and Persistency held April 23rd in Philadelphia, PA.
and PharmaCentra as part of the 5th Annual Forum on Patient Compliance, Adherence and Persistency held April 10th in Philadelphia, PA.

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