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Leaving college early or persisting to graduation: A study of African-American men.
WebGain TopLink has been widely adopted by many Enterprise customers who have a need for mapping and persisting connections between Java and relational databases.
Overall, though, Jenkins's argument about the cyclical nature of cult scares and the persisting similarity of accusations against new religious groups are well substantiated, and his perspective is constructively provocative.
Although pressures on production resources would abate to a degree as output growth slowed, inflation was expected to increase somewhat in response to persisting tightness in labor markets and a diminishing drag from non-oil import prices.
2 years from the onset of disease regardless of the presence of persisting symptoms; 25 of these patients had no residual symptoms at follow-up.
Robust M3 growth was associated with the continuing requirements of commercial banks for additional wholesale funds needed to meet persisting strong loan growth.
Nonresidential construction activity was down slightly further in January, reflecting persisting declines in office and industrial building in an environment of excess supply and some continuing, though perhaps lessening, downward pressure on the prices of such structures.
Nevertheless, there are some people who experience persisting distress after such news, he adds.
The persisting slack in resource utilization over the forecast horizon was expected to be associated with additional progress in reducing inflation.