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The same goes for a yellow light that persists for 4 seconds versus a yellow light that persists for 3 seconds.
This case demonstrates that a productive cough and mild dyspnea can persist for years after removal of the exposure.
The fourth and final group consists of bishops who disagree with group one's interpretation of Canon 905, specifically the clause "obstinately persist in manifestly grave sin.
If jackal rabies persists in the absence of dog rabies, an effective program for rabies elimination will likely need to include oral vaccination of jackals.
The level of compensation is related to how much of the business was originally produced, how much of it persists in each renewal year and how many of the policies' account values have accumulated to specified target amounts.
In some of the new poems, the same sentiment persists.
This skeptical notion persists despite the steady growth of accredited college public relations programs.
According to the synoptic situation, a well marked low pressure area (LPA) over central parts of India (Madhya Pradesh) persists and likely to move further westward slowly in next 24 hours.
ISLAMABAD, December 26, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Intense cold wave persists in Quetta valley and other parts of northern Baluchistan as mercury dropped below the freezing point.
They say that their study has even uncovered new information on how HIV persists in the body, even in patients receiving drug treatments, and how the virus continues to replicate itself in individuals undergoing treatment.