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which proved that the person represented by the picture had served in the wars of Greece and Spain, or, what was just the same thing as regarded decorations, had fulfilled some diplomatic mission in the two countries.
Basically remove all traces of past relationships, introducing pairs of objects and never displaying photographs or artwork with just one person represented as these things are said to promote loneliness.
4, which address (1) truthfulness in statements to others, (2) communications with another person represented by counsel, (3) dealings with unrepresented persons, and (4) the lawyer's respect for the rights of third persons.
One young person represented each of the G8 countries and non-G8 countries invited to L'Aquila - Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mexico and South Africa.
It is clear that Whitten's memorials are largely subject-driven, as his style varies with the person represented.
The ad portrays four dancing characters that subsequently turn out to be the same person represented in a variety of different ways.
The PEC is also seeking permission to prepare an opinion advising lawyers when a person represented by another attorney comes to them seeking a second opinion.
509 client certificate - assuring that the person represented by the certificate is the person you expect.
Sometimes amusing, often profound, Kruger's "extreme" portraits always respect the spirit of the person represented, offering the viewer both immediacy and depth as they ponder familiar faces from the artist's unique perspective.
suffered by any minority person represented by a Jewish lawyer

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