personal bias

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Believe, me," he added, after a moment's pause, "whatever my personal bias may be, what I am saying to you now is not actuated in the slightest by any feelings of jealousy.
He much regretted that any personal bias should have been read into his remarks, which were entirely dictated by his desire for scientific truth.
An Irish terrier, with no personal bias towards either side, was dancing round and attacking each in turn as he came uppermost.
Combined with predictive analytics, the platform removes the personal bias of traditional processes, empowering team leaders to make smarter, data-driven people decisions.
Rookie of the Year -- A personal bias here is that players like Jose Abreu, with all their experience at a high level in Cuba (or Japan), should not be considered as rookies, but he is according to the rules and will be a very strong candidate for the American League award.
First-person accounts can be difficult to use because of personal bias and a narrow perspective of events, but O'Rourke does an excellent job weaving the separate stories into a complete picture.
This will be a significant and valuable shift toward quality control, and away from personal bias.
Workplace injustice is defined by researchers as a combination of factors, including consistency of decision-making procedures, degree of transparency and cooperation among employees, as well as "the degree to which supervisors consider employees' viewpoints, suppress personal bias and treat the employees with kindness, consideration and truthfulness.
Thus upon completion of a fellowship, the newly appointed consultant will have varying experience with hypospadias surgery, which has been affected by degrees of training exposure and personal bias and confidence.
A DELHI district court has ruled that the suit filed by banned former IPL governing council chairman Lalit Modi, alleging personal bias and a " predetermined mindset" of a BCCI inquiry committee that probed him, is maintainable.
During a heated debate ahead of the vote, the Strasser report was heavily criticised by members of the assembly, who accused the rapporteur of personal bias against Azerbaijan and pointed out contradicting information about political prisoners in the country, which included murderers and Islamic extremists, determined to overthrow the Azerbaijani government and enforce Sharia law through violent means.
Those who read this column regularly (I know who you both are by the way) will already be screaming vitriol about personal bias at the page in front of you, but honestly I am not beginning to suggest that the red, white and blue are going to be lifting the trophy.