personal hatred

See: malice
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She realised that my outburst of passion had been simply revenge, a fresh humiliation, and that to my earlier, almost causeless hatred was added now a personal hatred, born of envy.
I know not why you meddle," said Fernand, seizing his arm; "but this I know, you have some motive of personal hatred against Dantes, for he who himself hates is never mistaken in the sentiments of others.
So long as I struck in the name of the law and of justice my profession allowed me to sleep quietly, sheltered as I was by justice and law; but since that terrible night when I became an instrument of private vengeance and when with personal hatred I raised the sword over one of God's creatures -- since that day "
Fouquet, I was observing, the minister of the reigning sovereign, was suddenly taken into the greatest aversion, and menaced with the ruin of his fortune, loss of liberty, loss of life even, by intrigue and personal hatred, to which the king gave too readily an attentive ear.
No one can use the state power as a tool for unlawfulness, arbitrariness, personal hatred and revenge, or adopt a hostile attitude toward various segments of the society.
It's a sentence against the revolution and shows personal hatred of the judge against the revolution and the activists," Mohamed said.
Since 1990, Bangladesh politics has been dominated by two women who harbour a personal hatred towards each other -- Khaleda Zia, widow of Zia- ur Rahman, and Mujib's daughter Hasina Wajed, the current prime minister.
Leigh Hunt seems to have nursed his personal hatred for William Gifford for over forty years, returning in his Autobiography to long-forgotten quarrels and fighting them over again.
He has wasted his whole life for a personal hatred of a religion.
He is using social networking sites to promote racism and his personal hatred of Muslims.
It cannot and should never be based on personal hatred.

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