personal reasons

See: motive
References in classic literature ?
Now Tarzan felt no fear of Taug, nor did the unwritten law of the jungle demand that he should flee from battle with any male, unless he cared to from purely personal reasons.
I rather gathered that you had some more definite--more personal reason for my hurrying.
For some personal reason Monsieur Flaubert preferred it.
Van Helsing would, I know, do anything for me for a personal reason, so no matter on what ground he comes, we must accept his wishes.
This follows Nerys Evans' decision to stand down as a candidate for personal reasons.
Meanwhile, versatile defender Joel Dixon has left Croft Park for personal reasons.
On Sunday, the unexpected news that Biserov, a long-time politician, Deputy Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee, is resigning from his position in the party and is leaving the Parliament, citing personal reasons, quickly made headlines in Bulgaria.
5million move to Nottingham Forest after citing personal reasons for wanting to quit Celtic.
The tribunal said there are personal reasons that are keeping them from going ahead with the proceedings, and forwarded the issue to the higher judiciary.
Al Razzuqi has resigned on personal reasons, according to a Press statement on Sunday.
There was also one withdrawal for Michael O'Neill's side, with goalkeeper Lee Camp returning home for personal reasons.
May Resigns as President and Chief Operating Officer for Personal Reasons

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