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The purpose of this contract is to carry out a set of preventive and socio-educational care activities, with a gender perspective, aimed at minors, young people and families at social risk, in order to improve the training of parents in the exercise of their parental functions and to provide the minors with personal resources that allow them to achieve an adequate personal development, complementing the actions carried out by the social services of primary social care and offering the minors, young people and their families a comprehensive social attention.
Eating a balanced diet, getting a good night's sleep, regular exercise and attending to your own health are important steps in keeping your personal resources topped up.
Evidence placed before us clearly showed the construction of the buildings was paid for by the President himself from personal resources.
He would finally fulfill his promises of full transparency and, it is hoped, settle once and for all questions regarding his personal resources.
On the philanthropic side, Bastos de Morais has committed significant personal resources towards two initiatives, the African Innovation Foundation, which gives out annual prizes for Africa's top innovations and also, the African Law Library, which provides free, easy access to legislation.
In a petition, they point out that the water supply network in these settlements was built a century ago by inhabitants themselves with voluntary labor and personal resources.
Among them are galvanizing, engagement, commitment, and motivations and fostering emotional intelligence; maximizing team performance; communicating effectively and strategically; negotiating and managing conflict and difficult employees; counseling and interviewing for maximum performance and development; thinking and deciding strategically; mastering the budgeting process; mastering and monitoring financial and human resources; and evaluating organizational and personal resources fit.
At all times, Mr Whyte assured us that the funds were coming from his personal resources.
This study begins to fill this gap in the knowledge base by using the selective optimization with compensation theory of aging (Baltes & Baltes, 1990) to hypothesize that job demands and personal resources will interact in important ways in older adulthood (but less so in young and middle adulthood) to either enhance or diminish the positive relationship between job resources and engagement.
Previous research focused on the contribution of personal resources to the adjustment of immigrants.
Personal resources and health promoting behaviors were not significant predictors of fatigue impact in this study.
Results indicated that racial identity was negatively related to role stress and psychological strain, and level of education was closely related to personal resources.

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