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The bottom half of the table suggests that the voters held Romney's personal traits in historically low esteem.
It] marginalizes the multiparty system in Egypt because it promotes personal traits of individual candidate at the expense of political affiliation, thus impeding the country's democratic transformation".
Owning and sharing personal traits and skills is proven to improve self worth and boost confidence, which is why DoSomething.
Therefore, anyone without a background in politics, even if he comes from the ranks of the bureaucracy, civilian or military, or the academy, will stand no chance, even if his personal traits are very positive," he said.
Traits, such as those described by Troutman, are undoubtedly valuable and important ingredients of leadership, but they are personal traits and not every leader would list them the same way.
It raises the question whether any serious consideration is given to the past record, qualifications and personal traits of those posted or transferred before the changes are made.
Our experience underscores the findings of this survey, showing that specific personal traits and characteristics are the strongest indicator of leadership success.
They experimentally manipulated personal traits the candidates disclosed online regarding religion and (http://www.
Also on the programme agenda will be presentations by successful business owners who will share their experiences and provide practical advice on a wide range of questions such as how to avoid common mistakes; and sessions on the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and how to strengthen personal traits to enhance one's business.
Ad hominem attacks are assaults on your opponent's character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument.
Heckman, a Nobel laureate, argues that ability gaps between middle-class and low-income children open up early in life, and that the skills they need to close that gap have more to do with personal traits than with knowledge acquisition.
You are what you like Researchers developed a computer program that uses data on which Facebook pages people "liked" to predict certain personal traits.

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