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The poor creature I had widowed followed me to the verge of the woods, as I started home with my prey, and I do not care to know more personally the feelings of a murderer than I did then.
If I speak to her personally, I can do much to assist the object of our inquiries, before he returns.
This unhappy man has done me a gross injustice; my motives may be seriously misjudged, if I appear personally in communicating with his family.
The Baron, 'well known as an enthusiastic student of chemistry,' had heard of certain recent discoveries in connection with that science in the United States, and was anxious to investigate them personally.
He was therefore not only a friend on whom I might rely, but a friend who was personally acquainted with Dexter as well.
She got up from her chair and said that it might be just as well if she personally superintended the installation of "Mrs.
Nicholl, driven into his last entrenchments, and not able to fight personally in the cause, resolved to fight with money.
Perhaps I may venture to add that personally I find it advisable to pass hastily over the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and so gain as much time as possible for the nineteenth.
But he very quickly perceived that though the world was open for him personally, it was closed for Anna.
I had but few occasions myself of personally noticing them.
I was present during the sojourn of Sir Percival Glyde in Cumberland, and was personally concerned in one important result of his short residence under Mr.
I never met anybody personally concerned in this affair, the interest of which for us was, of course, not the bad weather but the extraordinary complication brought into the ship's life at a moment of exceptional stress by the human element below her deck.