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The background subtraction technology behind the Personify application is also licensed by Intel and included in theIntel RealSense SDK for external use by other developers and applications in its ecosystem.
Steve Carpenter, a partner at Rubicon Technology Partners said, Since joining Personify last year, Eric has proven he is instrumental in driving Personify s transformation.
Personify, Inc is a leading provider of constituent relationship management/association management software solutions to non profits.
Personify Entertainment ("PE") is an independent music, marketing, and distribution company.
With tools like Personify Design Team Solutions and Visual Studio 2005 Team System, all members of our engineering team, representing many roles, can participate in the entire life- cycle of our projects, giving us immediate visibility into the health and progress of our solutions.
The synergies between Mediaplex and Personify will enable clients to use detailed customer profiles/information in direct marketing campaigns, thus achieving higher response rates and improved conversion rates.
One of the differentiators that separates Personify from the pack is the quality of our customer references -- both what they have to say and their willingness to say it publicly," said Barry Wright, Personify's president and chief executive officer.
However, all companies need tools to measure success in a meaningful way, and this is exactly what Personify provides for all types of e-businesses.
Before joining Personify as president in April 2000, Wright served as co-president of Aspect Communications and, before that, as a senior executive at PeopleSoft.
As a result of the partnership with Babel, NeoSpeech has already signed agreements and amendments with four of its customers, including Vantage, T&S Software, PhoneTree, and Personify Technologies for additional languages.
NOTE: Personify, Profit Platform, Essentials and Accelerators are trademarks of Personify, Inc.
The acquisition of the Personify assets will add deep customer profiling and database marketing technology to Accrue's enterprise Internet analytics solution and, we believe, will enable Accrue to offer a continuity of service to previous Personify customers," said Jonathan D.