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In addition, numerous dedicated cameras cover the count tables, which are made of Plexiglas so that personnel monitoring the cameras can see through the tables to ensure that no nefarious activity is taking place.
The extended capabilities of its platform allows Intelleflex RFID products to be used in demanding applications such as equipment and vehicle yard management, high-value asset tracking, reusable container tracking and personnel monitoring.
radiation protection personnel monitoring, - carrying out sampling and release according to 29 strlschv, - control measurements for the removal of objects from radiation protection areas in accordance with the provisions of 44 strlschv, - carrying out declarative measurements on radioactive residues, arbeiten auf weisung des auftraggebers.
of Carrollton, Texas, has introduced the Automatic Personnel Identification System, which provides hands-free access control and advanced personnel monitoring using radio frequency tags and readers.
The system eliminates the boredom and fatigue-based errors that can arise from personnel monitoring dozens or hundreds of video feeds that are often displaying no activity at sprawling facilities over the course of a full work shift.

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