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Willatt's treatment of Kant is remarkable for its clarity, and his treatment of Deleuze, while brief, is perspicacious.
John Pier takes up this intriguing thesis and provides an ingenious dialogue with it which produces one of the most sustained and perspicacious analyses of the relation between temporally sequenced and causally conjoined events we have.
It is up to the viewers of this portfolio to decide how elegantly and sensitively Hoppe succeeded in translating this perspicacious verbal profile in his photographic images of the object of his admiration.
Mixing media but never his message, Thornton Dial turns his perspicacious eye to events local and global in his most comprehensive show to date.
I WONDER whether David Cameron has been reading that 1967 classic, Parkinson's Law, with the introduction added in 1985 by the perspicacious Prince Philip, all too often referred to as a "gaffer".
Haun Saussy takes an comparative approach in his perspicacious investigation of the relationship between musical and literary thought.
The super grosser, the perspicacious title of which would continually be used in newspaper headlines, which is one of the five films due to be screened at the festival -- four of these have been produced by Kong, including Lee's first big feature, Pushing Hands and Eat Drink Man Woman .
The reason organizers have consistently attracted the most perspicacious buyers and sellers from around the globe is simple: they do more than just provide a physical venue.
Only the last of these works by Shelley is explicitly treated in Mark Canuel's perspicacious study, but all of them are rendered instantly more interesting in the context established by the arguments of this book.
For his part, the Algerian diplomat praised Tunisia's important achievements, under President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's perspicacious leadership.
So staying in Ireland has proved a most perspicacious choice.
In the course of my active, vigorous, long and happy lifetime, a number of human females, several of whom were perspicacious and not given to persiflage, have commented on my marriageable qualifications, either pre- or post-nuptial.