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The establishment of a strong foundation for future execution of Perspicuous Provider occurred in 2016 under the leadership and mentoring of the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) G-2.
DAWSON, supra note 76, at 214-15 ("The comparison of words with Christ's flesh is shocking, indicating the depth of Locke's cynicism about perspicuous words.
My thesis is that Wittgenstein's reflections on aesthetics operate in a similar way; like the vignettes on teaching, or on people with whom "we can't find our feet," they give us a perspicuous view of our enculturation in language-games and thus contribute to his overall project of illuminating how meaning works, holistically and contextually, against the background.
To identify a literary text as Jewish, then, would not necessarily imply a perspicuous link to a secure, selfevidently Jewish archive but would instead bring into critical focus the operations involved in any act of categorical recognition.
The role of thaumasite in the durability of concrete is not perspicuous.
Ballard's voice is perspicuous and commanding as he navigates the "off hours" and refines the experience of communing.
the Saudi King as a wise political figure with a perspicuous view on finding
A second group of critics, also inspired by Wolff, have sought to make sense of Anodos's twenty-one-day dream of development in Fairy Land by tracing MacDonald's ample borrowings from earlier writers, many cited in the epigraphs of individual chapters: thus, Wolff explores the novel's indebtedness to the German Romantics, especially Novalis; John Docherty reveals MacDonald's appropriation of Shelley, Spenser, and Dante; and Stephen Prickett makes perspicuous the many connections, via the generic conventions of bildungsroman, between Phantastes and Goethe's Wilhelm Meister.
He goes on to describe in similarly perspicuous language the urgent need for reflection that this early encounter with his life's work inspired in him and his escapes into the Wordsworthian landscapes of his Lake District boyhood to indulge that need, which began to make his parents think that "I had fallen into a habit of loafing"--a part of the story that his biographer reduces to paraphrase as follows:
I believe that the core of Hohfeld's analysis is both correct and ungainsayable, especially if exhibited in a simpler and more perspicuous manner.
The relations of mole and the molar amounts, as small perspicuous units (building blocks), are applied on the fundamental relationship (basic panel) and the problem can be solved as an algebraic operation.
This is not the place to resolve the issue of Maimonides' relation to the Almohads, only to point out that Stroumsa has raised it in a perspicuous way.