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Note that the elements he singles out--density and complexity--are those underscored by Lionel Stevenson in "The Pertinacious Victorian Poets.
Pertinacious and murderous was the Bulgarians' effort that crushed the Turkish army and caused it to lose nearly half of its strength.
overall, American Lion reads more like an homage to Andrew Jackson written by an affable, fellow Tennessean than historical non-fiction written by a pertinacious Newsweek editor.
Here be it said, that this pertinacious pursuit of one particular whale, continued through day into night, and through night into day, is a thing by no means unprecedented in the South sea fishery.
Seventh, as avarice is the most pertinacious of all to turn one's back on someone, a usurer still objects, saying, "By what means will I live?
is the pertinacious problem of modern Western philosophy and neither the rationalist Descartes nor the British empiricists succeeded in solving this problem from within the confines of their starting point, i.
It's not an interpretation as subtle or diabolically charming as Mark Axleson's Stageloft turn three years ago, but it has the sort of pertinacious intensity that would conceivably soften the hatred of a brother's wife (Elizabeth) enough to ask her for her daughter's hand in marriage, even though he's killed her two sons in order to eliminate potential heirs to the throne.
You have to be pertinacious, assiduous and sometimes just plain lucky to be successful.
I came into the Air Force in 1989 at the age of 18 without one college credit; after 16 years in the clinical laboratory and 10 years in the Air Force, I can definitely say that tremendous opportunities await young, pertinacious, enlisted laboratory professionals willing to exert the effort.
3] when we compare the game-cock, so pertinacious in battle, with other breeds so little quarrelsome, with 'everlasting layers' which never desire to sit, and with the bantam so small and elegant;
While neither an exhaustive account nor a thorough justification can be given here of Hegel's strong claim on the logical and historical orders of philosophic thought, this brief study aims at clarifying the claim, elucidating two supporting theories from the body of Hegel's system, and correcting a pertinacious view on Hegel's understanding of the nature of philosophy.
A basic take on such primal, pertinacious, and irresolvable questions would surely be a prerequisite for Haughey's undertaking; but it does not seem to have occurred to him to ask them.