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To the common observer--who could understand nothing of the case, except the music and the sunshine on the hither side of the door --it might have been amusing to watch the pertinacity of the street-performer.
In the end, he abandoned all other forms of wager, and gave himself up to "I'll bet the Devil my head," with a pertinacity and exclusiveness of devotion that displeased not less than it surprised me.
I imagine I had more pertinacity than the average Folk, or else I should not have succeeded.
he asked, with the infatuated pertinacity of a man clinging to his last hope.
A stone at the top of a hill may start rolling, but it shows no pertinacity in trying to get to the bottom.
They had not then learned, as I am told, to haggle for bargains with the pertinacity which now distinguishes them.
It seemed from the shrill pertinacity with which Miss Miggs repeated this form of acclamation, that she was calling the same through the keyhole of the door; but in the profound darkness she could not be seen.
The pertinacity of her friend seemed more than she could bear.
The distressed damsel strove with much pertinacity to kiss his hands; but Don Quixote, who was in all things a polished and courteous knight, would by no means allow it, but made her rise and embraced her with great courtesy and politeness, and ordered Sancho to look to Rocinante's girths, and to arm him without a moment's delay.
I cannot deny myself the satisfaction of letting you know that I return to Paris, to-morrow, with my mother, in order that we may see my sister and confirm her in the resolution which is the most effectual reply to your audacious pertinacity.
Let no one who has not tried to compile such a compendium underestimate the pertinacity and the perspicacity, the gusto and the humor, which has gone into finding these examples and putting them into their right bins.
The adventitiousness of fame has contributed to an anti-work ethic that consoles us for our failures, our lack of success, of material progress despite the pertinacity of our efforts, inevitably sabotaged by the principle that wastrels win and those of us with gumption and intelligence are doomed to toil away our lives at grunt jobs we detest.